About Us

Owned by Trevor and Amanda Hunt, The fizz began with a residential SodaStream machine. Trevor, as 20 year vetran chef, began playing with syrup ideas, and thought that it could make the foundation for a great restaurant concept. That’s when the seeds for The Fizz Sodas + Sandwiches was born.

For almost 3 years, ideas were thrown around on what type of food to serve, and how exactly to execute the home made sodas. A love of Southern BBQ and a feeling that there weren’t enough good sandwich shops around prompted Trevor to settle on an artisan soda and sandwich shop concept. They would smoke their own meats, make there own condiments, and of course pair these sandwiches with the home made sodas.

Featuring fan favorurites like “The Fustercluck” (chicken), “The Steelmaker” (Brisket), and “Breakfast in Bread” (breakfast offering). The sandwiches are playful as much as they are flavourful. And better yet, they are fully customizable… If you don’t like an ingredient on any sandiwich, you can take it off, and put something you do like… And if yur not feeling the carbs or Gluten, we can make any of our delicious sandiwiches into a satisfying salad with tender greens and apple cider vinaigrette. Definitely try one of our many southern inspired sides to make it a full meal.

Beyond, the shop, The Fizz can also handle off site caterings and pop-ups… Whether it’s a small office meeting, or a large bash, Trevor has the expertise to get it done. Stick to our BBQ theme, or come with something a little different. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

So head down to King and Walnut in Downtown Hamilton, get Fizzical… and savour all things fizzy and smokey!